Today was hard.  Every day lately seems hard.  Took my son’s itouch away from him this morning.  Do you think loud music blasting in your ear makes you more likely to snap at your sister? Forgot the hotwheels cars at home that I was planning on using for the basis of my measurement lesson today. Took my class to an assembly and got snapped at by my principal (I guess the bad day-itis was going around).  Then I snapped at my students because nothing else seems to be working.  One of my students told me that when I ask nicely, the other students go “lala”.  When I raise my voice, they say “oh snap”. It was definitely an “oh snap” kind of day.  By the end of the day, everyone was snapping like a swamp of crazy crocodiles.

But the day ended with a classroom meeting.  We sat around in a circle and talked about how miserable we are when everyone is snapping.  It just gets worse.  We circled up together talking about what we could do to make our classroom better.  As I looked around my circle of students, I suddenly realized that I want another year with these kids.  Oh snap!


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