Some days are just like that.

I am in the middle of reading Poppy to my class.  I am enjoying having the students really stop and think about all that the character is going through.  We are at the section where Poppy is returning with her father to her family after just finding out that Mr. Ocax, the stern and manipulative owl, has just denied their family the right to move.  They are devasted.  Poppy is struggling with so much.  Her love having just been eaten before her eyes, developing questions about her role in her family and the insecurity of perceiving the fragility of her father.  She is filled with remorse, She is on the brink of self discovery and beginning her hero journey.  But before she can rise to that challenge, she has to self indulge.  She crawls into the home she made for herself, tunnels under her blanket, her own tail wrapping herself into a self indulgent hug.

My daughter is 14.  It’s a really tough time.  She too is on the brink of beginning her own hero journey.  Her life is full of challenges and questions.  She doubts her abilities, often feels like she does not rise up to her friend’s expectations, and has begun to see the chinks in her parent’s exteriors.  Sometimes I feel like I have to reassure her and say all the things to bring her esteem up.  Most of the time that is just the thing.  But today… today she needed to be a bit like Poppy.  She poured out all of the insecurities from the largest to smallest concern.

And then she climbed the stairs and curled up in her blanket and went to sleep.

Some days you have to just self indulge in your insecurites. Give in to them.  And restore alone, readying yourself for the coming journey.


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