I got lost in my books today.  What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

Have you ever come out of a book reading jaunt in a complete stupor?  That feeling that you are really some place else and this world around you just isn’t quite right?  When you have the complete contentment satisfied feeling, even though you have done absolutely nothing?  Books do that to me.

I curled up on my couch under the windows, reading by the afternoon’s light. Sipping my coffee wrapped in my blanket.  The blue and yellow quilt pattern that used to lie on my daughter’s bed.  The first comforter for her big girl bed.  As the day waned and the evening crept in, I moved to turning on the room lights.  Time passes with only the shift in the reading light to make me notice.

I borrowed one of my daughter’s young adult books.  My favorite kind.  I love the type of books filled with teenage angst, a touch of young love, and the absolute certainty that life turns out ok in the end.  They always make me feel reenergized.  The one I read today was no different.  Girl struggling to deal with her parents divorce and remarriage, meets boy on plane, and a nice kiss as they look off into the night kind of ending.

Sigh… that’s my kinda day.



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