I sit hear thinking about the day and simply enjoying the sounds of my life.

My daughter sits in the room with reruns of George Lopez coming out of the tv.

“Ooh!” she quietly exclaims, “Friends!” Guess the channel has switched over to another rerun.  Funny how she watches the same shows that I watched many years ago.  Crunch, munch.  She’s nibbling on sunflower seeds. Whoosh!  There goes the sound of an airplane off in flight.  She must be texting her boyfriend as well.

Down the hall, there is the murmurings of tv coming from the master bedroom.  A loud laugh echoes through the door.  He must be watching comedy too.  Or maybe talking to his dad while they play poker online.  Yep, the echo of his voice through the door.

Squeaking coming from my son’s open door.  Lights out.  Door’s open.  He must not be in there.  The door is usually closed when he is here.  Usually there are the sounds of bombs exploding.  Rude comments being flung at his friends through the internet as they destroy zombies.  Nope.  Just squeaking.

“Ashra’s up” Meg comments in between spitting out seeds.

Ashra, Jordan’s dwarf hamster.  Spinning on her wheel.  Silence.  Then the squeaking commences. It will go off and on through the night.

The hum of the washer is interrupted by a sudden change in the cycle.  Water rushes as it enters the rinse cycle.

Above it all, the sounds of my fingers clicking on the keyboard.  Capturing the sounds of life.


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