I love teaching.  I love going to a work place that is one big classroom that I have designed to be an island of books and technology.  I love that my job involves reading and writing every day.  I love that I get to surround myself with kids.  Most of all, I love that I make a difference and that every day I am surrounded by learners, including myself.  It’s a really good job.

But it’s not my great career.  I am failing at having a great career.


So… I admit it.  I have not pursued my great passion because of fear.

Funny though.  I definitely know what my passion is.  And so does every one else in my family.

“Jordan, what is my passion that I have not pursued?”


“Meg, what is my passion that I haven’t pursued?”


“More details?”

“Writing about learning,” Jordan adds.

“Writing about learning and young adult books,”  Meg finishes.

Yes.  It’s all right there.




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